Montenegro pushes Arton aside

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After PM Duško Marković was pushed aside by US President Donald Trump at a NATO summit in May, Montenegro decided to do some pushing of its own and has sidelined global citizenship firm Arton Captital, after Arton spent huge sums of money putting on a lavish “Global Citizen Forum” in Sveti Stefan, replete with movie stars, hip hop entertainers, prime ministers and other assorted A and B list personalities.

US President Donald Trump pushing his way past Montenegro Prime Minister Duško Marković , then confidently adjusting his suit as he emerged in the front of the group at a NATO summit in May

Montenegro has been contemplating reviving its previously ill fated citizenship by investment program and had issued a request for proposals for the structuring and promotion of the same.

Arch rivals Arton and Henley & Partners were the two front runners in this endeavor.

However, amid recriminations that Henley were to blame, Montenegro subsequently said, “A pox on both your houses,” leaving Arton shoved aside and in the lurch with a million dollar price tag and nothing to show for it.

Montenegro’s attitude in this regard may also have been informed by the recent car bomb assassination of a prominent Maltese journalist who Henley had previously threatened with all kinds of dire legal and financial retribution for articles she had written exposing their corrupt relationship with the Maltese PM and other officials.

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