The real truth behind the questioning in China of Mohammed Asaria, the chairman of Range Developments

Range Developments held an exclusive launch in China for its new Saint Kitts project – The Six Senses on May 31, 2018. The event was held at the Park Hyatt Beijing hotel and sponsored by the Delsk Group, an investment firm based in Hong Kong.

During the event, a group of Chinese investors who had all purchased Park Hyatt St Kitts shares from Range Developments called for the promised redemption of their shares. The local police responded to the numerous complaints lodged by the various investors who strongly believe that they have swindled out of their funds by false promises of redemption of their shares at the five years maturity of their investment.

Local witnesses counted over 10 officers from the police force turning up at the event to speak to all of the upset investors as well as question Mr Mohammed Asaria the Chairman of Range Developments

The President of Delsk Mr Wang Jing was able to convince the police officers to allow Mr Mohammed Asaria to come to the podium to address the public and upset investors, but he refused and hid away from the crowds who wanted to question him for misleading them in China.

Video footage shows the encounter and further footage shows upset investors showing to the public and the police legal contracts signed by Mr Mohammed Asaria.

Subsequently Mr Mohammed Asaria was taken away for interrogation and released after five hours and told not to leave China as he would be required again to come to the police station for further questioning.

However, upon his release by the police, he fled China the same day on fears of more investors coming forward and bringing legal proceedings against him in China for mis-selling investments.

Mr Mohammed Asaria then appeared in Geneva on the June 4, 2018, holding a local newspaper trying to convince everyone that he had not been in China for his launch of the Six Senses with Delsk where he was actually detained by the police and is now a wanted person in China for fleeing the country against the request from the Chinese government.

Clearly this is a fraudulent attempt by Mohammed Asaria to try and fool his Chinese investors when it is very clear from the Facebook page of Range Development where Mohammed Asaria and Delsk can be seen in various photos shaking hands at their launch event at the Beijing Park Hyatt.

Furthermore, Mohammed Asaria attended a citizenship conference in Geneva where he attended with various industry professionals who confirmed that he was indeed in Beijing for the launch of his new Saint Kitts project and that a police incident did occur where he was detained for hours before he fled the country in a rush.

Range Developments has made numerous promises and marketing campaigns in the last 5 years and has denied any responsibility to redeem the shares of its investors in the Saint Kitts Park Hyatt. Rather than trying to do the correct thing as promised and assist its investors, it has now gone ahead and launched its new Saint Kitts project – The Six Senses Resort which will do nothing but deprive its current investors from being able to exit from an investment they were mis-sold and is also making a loss for which all the investors will be liable to pay towards.

Since the Beijing arrest of Mohammed Asaria, hundreds of investors who found themselves out of over half million US dollars each have decided to join forces to request a town hall meeting in China to discuss and request an amicable solution in holding Range Development liable for its promises to redeem their shares now that their promised five years are over.

Over one hundred Chinese investors have been cheated out of large sums of money and are now taking legal advice and with the efforts of their lawyers and the Chinese police will request a meeting in China to give Mr Mohammed Asaria the opportunity to explain his actions and the opportunity to give back their money.

While the upset investors are trying to request a peaceful and fair solution, it is very unlikely due to his recent arrest that he will make any efforts to address his Chinese investors in person. This will leave over one hundred of its investors very upset who will seek legal and even criminal action against Mohammed Asaria in China to ensure they are refunded their investment back in whole.

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